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The Atlantis Health System

Founded in 2006, The Atlantis Health System maintains offices in many major centers around the United States, along with clinical and research sites in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America.

The Atlantis Health System is a fully integrated health delivery system in each of its service areas. We operate with four fundamental principles:

  • We must preserve and enhance independent clinical decision-making;
  • We must systemically decrease healthcare costs for public’s benefit;
  • We must enhance and systematize the quality of clinical care across all geographic areas; and,
  • We must substantially engage patients in their own healthcare by enhancing their experience and providing them with the necessary tools

Our structure and system achieves each of these goals. In each geographic area, we build and support all independent primary care physicians as the foundation of our health system. Next, we develop a narrow network of top specialists in all specialties, from oncology and neurosurgery to urology and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, we provide a narrow network of all facilities and ancillaries that are needed for heightened functioning of the care process—facilities such as SNFs, LTACs, ASCs, Imaging Centers, Hospice, Home Healthcare, and ancillaries such as anesthesia, diagnostics, labs, and pharmaceuticals. Given that we either own or ally with all of these facilities and ancillaries, we ensure a controlled environment in which the care process occurs; we also have the ability to re-price the entire system for the benefit of the public.
As a result of our systemic and global approach to healthcare, we lead the next generation in the industry, tightly aligning across the United States with physicians, health systems, and all other types of healthcare providers in between. As of the beginning of 2014, we serve almost three million patient lives, through one of the largest and most qualified teams of specialists across the nation, and the most extensive and technologically advanced in-patient, outpatient, and diagnostic facilities.
As the healthcare industry enters a period of unprecedented change, Atlantis is leading the transformation to ensure the industry survives and succeeds—through Atlantis’ proprietary vehicles, governmental Accountable Care Organizations, and other private mechanisms. Atlantis is positioned to be a comprehensive, fully-integrated network of the highest quality medical providers and facilities in every geographic area.

“We must preserve and enhance the independence of physicians and clinical decision-making”


We are Atlantis, the lost land of phenomenal achievement.


Our commitment is to provide the highest quality healthcare while restructuring healthcare from core to crevice, through rigorously screened providers and facilities that ensure the highest standards, and that are continuously armed with the best technology and training available anywhere.


Our identity of excellence—excellence in innovation, excellence in people, excellence in processes, and excellence in outcomes—is the identity.

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