Our Legal Mandate

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We, at Atlantis, are fully compliant with all Federal and State regulations, and work with top law firms in our coverage areas to ensure full compliance with such regulations.

In October 2011, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published an Interim Final Rule granting specific waivers of the Stark and Anti-kickback regulations as they pertain to the formation and maintenance of the Medicare Shared Savings Program (“MSSP”).

The waivers provide flexibility for ACOs to pursue a wide range of activities, including start-up and operating activities, which further the purposes of the MSSP. These waivers incorporate conditions that are intended to further the quality, economy, and efficiency goals of the MSSP.

The waivers apply consistently across the fraud and abuse laws, and uniformly to each ACO, ACO participant, and ACO provider/supplier participating in the Shared Savings Program.

We, at Atlantis, are committed wholeheartedly to the intent and purpose of these waivers, which are meant to promote efficiency and ease of use. We avail ourselves of these waivers to ensure cost reduction for patients and the payor, and ensure protection of programs and beneficiaries from harms associated with kickbacks and referral payments, including overutilization, increased costs, and substandard or poor quality care.

Affordable Care Act Benefits

The ACA establishes incentives to improve quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness without limiting services. The ACA provides for the formation of ACCOUNTABLE CARE ORGANIZATIONS—operational systems by which physicians and other healthcare providers contract to oversee a patient’s entire continuum of care in an effort to manage costs and improve quality.