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Key features within the Atlantis Health System.

Atlantis Health System consists of a carefully selected set of best-in-class healthcare organizations that form a fully integrated and coordinated health delivery system in each geographic area; all the while providing the most accurate results using the latest technological advancements healthcare has to offer.

“We offer only the top quality specialists in any given geographic region”

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Revolutionary Strategy

In a healthcare environment that bespeaks misalignment and fragmentation, Atlantis operates with value-driven principles, example-driven leadership, and incentive-driven alignment and integration. All strategic, operational, and financial factors come together as a logical system. We cultivate a culture of teamwork, and reinforce high quality through data-driven decision-making.

Systemic Alignment

Atlantis brings together, on one hand, primary care physicians and specialists, and, on the other hand, ambulatory, acute, and post-acute care facilities, pharmaceuticals, behavioral healthcare, and other providers and suppliers throughout the continuum of patient care. The Atlantis System defines a clear roadmap of systemic integration and alignment, and our physician leaders, both on the ground and nationally, are committed to drive alignment of all providers and suppliers.

Rapid Transformation

Atlantis is leading healthcare’s rapid transformation. While our physician leaders are focused on developing new clinical pathways, our legal and management leaders are focused on crafting new alignment strategies among facilities, all with the purpose of rapidly moving healthcare forward.

Clinical Excellence

Our organization engages in clinical excellence, fostered by accountability, peer review, and teamwork among providers. Our pledge to the public is that we offer only the top quality specialists in any given geographic region. As such, our recruitment strategy is to offer an unparalleled value proposition to top specialists so as to ensure collaboration with them.

Population Management

The Atlantis System is likely the most sophisticated and most effective system for population health management. It is developed to thrive with risk-based payment systems, deploying site-of-service cost management protocol as well as clinical utilization protocol at all levels of delivery. Simultaneously, however, we reject the notion that physicians should manage the risk of population management, as history has made clear. Instead, the Atlantis Health System apportions the risk of population health management among facilities and ancillary services as the most incisive form of managing the risk of population health management.

Continuous Innovation

With a foundation of continuous innovation, Atlantis develops pilot programs in information continuity, information exchange within and outside the organization, utilization tracking platforms, outcome tracking platforms, telemedicine, and a variety of other areas. We promote innovation across the entire spectrum of healthcare, and allocate investment funds towards this dedication.