Ancillary Services

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At Atlantis, we believe in putting at the direct disposal of physicians, all the tools needed to make appropriate and timely diagnosis and treatment: Laboratory, durable medical equipment, home healthcare, hospice, skilled nursing facilities, long term acute care facilities, imaging mobile diagnostics etc.

We believe that outsourcing such operations that are integral to clinical decision-making can only produce a chaotic clinical decision-making process. For this reason, we provide, in a controlled narrow network, all the tools that enable physicians to make accurate diagnoses in a timely manner. Having these resources within the tightly integrated Atlantis system means that physicians have more control over their clinical decision-making process.

We also believe that an endemic problem with the use of ancillary services is the lack of standardization. Generally, in other health systems, patients are referred to ancillary services based on factors other than their quality, making for operations that are randomized and disengaged from the physicians themselves. Because Atlantis, on the other hand, provides it own ancillary services, we can ensure quality control and standardized care.

Furthermore, at Atlantis the several physicians, treating any given patient, are able to access the same results, thereby reducing redundancies, unnecessary and potentially harmful intervention (radiation), patient aggravation, and the costs associated with such intervention.

Physician Independence

Our unique operating model allows the finest regional specialists to work hand‐in‐hand with the region’s PCPs, and creates a more efficient and financially feasible method of providing the best healthcare, while sharing costs–and savings–across the nation.

Our physicians, thus, are our partners—not our employees.