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Our Management Services provides a comprehensive mechanism to organize, in a systematic manner, all of our different divisions. In addition to providing the structure necessary to the smooth running of our integrated system, for instance in practice management, operational oversight, revenue cycle management, etc, our Management services has also built an electronic health interface that allows all providers to share patient information. Our unique Health Information Exchange system (HIE) provides systematic communication among the different specialists, the PCPS, and all clinical pathways around all given patients. HIE enables physicians to share information about patients; it also allows patients to communicate with their physicians. Moreover, we have developed our HIE system as a patient engagement tool, whereby patients can access their own records and track their progress, thus becoming engaged in their own healthcare maintenance.


The operating structure of the POSTs encourages physician independence by creating complete collaboration and alignment between PCPs, specialists, and facilities. Through this alignment our PCPs gain transparency into the continuum of their patients’ healthcare process, including transparency into the operations of specialists to whom they refer their patients.