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Our best-in-class Medical Specialists, providing all-specialty care, from neurosurgery to cardiovascular to oncology, operate in complete coordination with one another and in complete collaboration with our PCPs. Our Specialists work with clinical protocols developed by world-leading institutions and industry-leading authorities, providing for a consistent care model that ensures, whether it is Mississippi or Manhattan, Atlantis networks have the same standards and physicians of the same caliber.

The complete collaboration and coordination of the Atlantis Medical Specialists is enabled by a three layered structure in which they operate: Our National Advisory Board is responsible for developing and testing clinical protocols and standards of practice particular to our distinctive operating model. On the state level, our CMOs work with our State Specialty Leaders to ensure that our Specialists can devote their time and resources to what they are best at, that is, in delivering the highest quality, most innovative, and cutting-edge health care solutions to their patients.

Physician Tools

We place our own ancillary services, in a controlled narrow network, at the direct disposal of our PCP Leaders. Having these resources within the tightly integrated Atlantis system means that physicians have more control over their clinical decision-making process, and can ensure quality control and standardized care.