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At Atlantis, we believe that the medical community cannot be held hostage to a handful of large pharmaceutical organizations, focused primarily on maximizing profit. Clinical appropriateness becomes blurred when the prime reason for the production and dissemination of a drug is to make profit for the shareholders of the pharmaceutical company. For this reason, Atlantis has developed a refined comprehensive pharmaceutical management platform, designed to achieve precisely the opposite result: comprehensive pharmaceuticals at zero margin, to provide complete accessibility in the world of population health management.

Our pharmaceutical management platform includes retail pharmaceuticals, specialty pharmaceuticals, compounded pharmaceuticals, and specialized oncology pharmaceuticals. The goal of this comprehensive pharmaceutical platform is (a) to provide and make accessible multiple pharmaceutical pathways as alternatives to those generally available to the public; (b) to educate the medical industry as well as consumers about these pathways; (c) to have the pharmaceutical products undergo rigorous quality control measures before they are made accessible to the public; and (d) to provide this platform in a manner that substantially decreases healthcare costs.

Cost Reduction

Atlantis has developed a refined comprehensive pharmaceutical management platform. We maintain control over pricing all our health services, because we either already own, or are in the process of owning, all such health services. In short, we have the ability to keep costs low.