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Atlantis’ Population Health Management organizes all our other divisions, providing for an integrated system that supports both commercial and Medicare ACOs. As such, our Population Health Management has created the most sophisticated-yet simple-mechanism to provide comprehensive accountable care to our patients.

We can do so for three reasons: First, our independent physicians adhere to a standard set of protocols, making clinical decision-making consistent and predictable. Second, we have created a unique system of coordinating the process of clinical decision-making among the several physicians who may be seeing a patient at a given time.

Third, we maintain control over pricing all our health services, because we either already own, or are in the process of owning, all such health services. In short, we have the ability to keep costs low. For instance, we can price our pharmaco-genomic testing that identifies a patient’s inability to metabolize a particular medication, thus identifying alternative medication. Ordinarily, on the market such a test is priced at $ 1500, yet costs $ 200. Given that we own the equipment to provide such lab services, we can price it at cost, and yet benefit financially from the global financial risk that we take on.

ACO Support

“We pride ourselves on being the engine that enables savings for any ACO, thus benefitting our patients, physicians, and the payor.”